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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

global scrap challenge

i've forgotten how this started, because i haven't managed to keep up very well, but one of my KC Peeps, Candice started a scrap challenge. a theme was decided on, layouts were done and posted, then a name drawn out of the hat to post the next challenge.

debbie decided to mix things up a bit with a SWAP! lots of scrapping supplies (both virtual and actual) have gone cross country AND globally, and today's the big reveal.

i got sent this cute digital tags by annette and although i didn't really have a clue about what i was doing, i gave it a go!

i'm so proud of those cupcakes i made! i sent some scrapping goodies over the ditch to lynette, and i can't wait to see what they did with them! you can go see debbie for the rest of the links to the layouts.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Guess you got to try out some digi-scrapping. What did you think?

Where is this post? When I go to your regular blog I can't find it...but if I follow the direct link then here it is...sneaky. It's like a hidden surprise!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

You did good!!

I have yet to try digi-scrapping but I think you did an awesome job! Mine is up now.

donnapiranha said...

Good job, Sue! Very cute and your cupcakes look yummy. I think I could probably get into digital scrapbooking.

candice said...

You did a great job!! Love it.

Melinda said...

Yahoo for Sue on doing the digi! I have never tried any of it myself. How did ya like it? Very cute tag!

Keri said...

this is so cute! I've never done digi before and it SCARES me! ;)
I would like to go eat some cupcakes now!

dawn said...

I haven't tried digi scrappin' either. Someday..

You did a great job with your attempt. :-)

Kristi Smith said...

Oh, that's a very cute tag!!! Love the photos! Yum, cupcakes!!! They look delish!