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Monday, June 1, 2009

hello winter

you're a day early...
this was the view into our backyard when we got up yesterday

may 31st. winter's not due until june 1st

(which is today btw)

3.5 deg C - that's 38.3 F for all my bloggy friends who are deciding how they'd like to spend the SUMMER.

don't feel bad for me.

today's a public holiday. queen's birthday. it's only public holiday we ALWAYS observe on a monday. i think having every public holiday on a monday (like you do in the US) is such a stand-up idea, but for some unknown reason, we only do it for queen's birthday.

you know - THE queen. her actual birthday is april 21st, but if they changed the public observance every time we got a new monarch, well - they'd have to change it...well, not since 1953 - but that's NOT THE POINT!

back in the day when the monarchy changed every few years (or months) - changing the observance could have gotten a little tedious, but thank heavens, all that beheading has gone out of vogue.


it's a long weekend - YAY! which makes it a short WEEK. me likey short weeks, especially when a girls' night is planned at the end of it.

wherever you are, and whatever the temperature, i hope you're having a relaxing weekend.


BPOTW said...

We have a post at BPOTW entitled 'oh, nooooo!' about New Zealand snow, too!

Jennifer said...

What the heck? It was 96 degrees here today. Uhhh, I am so in the wrong place!!

Michelle said...

Happy beginning of winter and I loved the comment about beheading not being in vogue. LOL!

Kristi Smith said...

Note to self: Don't go to New Zealand in June.

It was a beautiful day here!!!

Casey's trio said...

We are well on our way to hot summer temps in our neighborhood! Enjoy your long weekend:)

bettyl said...

I am from Taranaki and I am NOT impressed with the snow we got a couple weeks ago! It dusted a bit more last night but was long gone before morning.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

sorry hon - but I would TAKE that any day over the piles of snow we get here!!!!!!!

Ria said...

Uh...uh....I remember last time I got stuck into that degree celcius...Uh, not nice at all!:) Sorry...I think I keep myself safely here in Indonesia! Can't wait to see what your girl's night turn out!

{leah} said...

Well yeah for the long weekend!!

I got your recipie {and now I have one less day to think about when doing my menu :) }

I'm totally open to any "kiwi" recipies, the husband spent two year in New Zealand for a church mission. He was so excited that I got a letter from someone in NZ that he almost grabbed the letter out of my hand thinking it was for him:)

I love you photostory friday... really cute.

mandyb said...

I also blogged about the snow flurries... we had them for ages.. and BOY was it cold!!!! nice to catch up with you on saturday

Tammy Howard said...

Always good when there's a GNO to look forward to!!!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I still find it odd that our summer is your winter...and vice versa. It is 90 degrees and sunny here today. Our summer is only just beginning. I crave the warm lazy days of summer and don't look forward to the cold. Brrrr!

the mama bird diaries said...

finally it's summer here!!

I know you are going to get me back in 6 months.

Kimberly said...

Its HOT in Texas and has been for about 3 months! We have a week of winter here :)

gianna said...

i was so trying to figure out where you are from because here in Minnesota, we are super happy for june 1st because THAT's when the snow finally LEAVES. (tee hee hee, just kidding. well. maybe not!)

Emily said...

Yay for a long weekend! Whatever the occasion, I don't complain about a holiday! And I just won't mention what the weather was like here.... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue
I know you leave these things in your posts just for those like me with OC tendencies, but Labour Day is also always on a Monday, not to mention Easter Monday and Wgtn Anniversary Day!

Loving the cupcakes - I have found some Gluten Free cupcake recipes, so feel free to ask for them if I ever come to your place, LOL!

Thanks for the birthday wishes,

Jaina said...

Haha, and here I am in a tank top enjoying the sunshine in California. I can't wrap my mind around it being cold and such in June, July and August...but then again, I'm sure that you probably would have trouble wrapping your mind around it being warm. I get the difference of hemispheres, it just blows my mind to think about because I've grown up with certain months meaning certain weather. I recommend hot chocolate. :)