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Monday, July 13, 2009

everything 'i' sucks

well, except ice age 3, which TOTALLY didn't deserve the half star review it got in our paper. i mean, who gives a movie a half star? THAT person got out of bed on the wrong side that morning for sure.
we took the girls out for dinner last night to one red dog then to see ice age 3.

this is the 'fastest indian' pizza.
it be a play on words from the movie of the same name
(just thought it'd clear that up).
so the hubs got an iPhone the other day. we know this because i've been talking to the top of his head for the past 4 days. i swear if i hear that submarine diving ring tone, or the one that only dogs can hear - i'm gonna hurt someone REAL bad.

i call this the iPhone coma
(you know, like the blackberry coma, but with an iPhone)
(just thought i'd clear THAT one up too)
steve jobs, new liver or not, is a BOY. and he makes BOYS' TOYS. how can anything that makes the sound of a submarine diving be used as a BUSINESS TOOL.

TOOL, maybe, but business - NOPE.

here's the girls playing ' boy meets girl' at the restaurant.
before last night, i'd never heard of this game. have you?
you each get a piece of paper and write:

a boy's name
then you fold it over so no-one can see what you wrote and you pass it onto the next person

they write:

a girl's name
then you fold it over so no-one can see what you wrote and you pass it onto the next person

then you write:

where they went, then
he said, then
she said, then
what happened in the end

each time passing it on.

then there's the big reveal and lots of laughing and gaffawing

the funniest one of the night was:

miss 12's left boob and michael jackson

.....and they all died of swine flu

[i just gave birth to them. it's really not my fault].

remember that 'no cellphones at the table' rule i have?
it's really not working very well for me right now.
i blame apple.

iPhones are ruining the nuclear family

and while i'm bagging all things 'i'...

i recently (like, back in march) took part in an ADOBE online survey. in exchange for 12 and a half minutes of my precious online time, they PROMISED to send me a $100 iTUNES voucher.

it was a total WIN WIN situation. right?

weeks - nay MONTHS later, this arrives...
with this in it
can i hear you say OVERKILL?
don't ever let apple say they're environmentally friendly coz THEY LYING!!!

here's some perspective for the visually impairedso i have not ONE but TWO problems with this situation
(in addition to the whole wastage thing that's happening)

my $100 iTUNES voucher is in fact only a $50 iTUNES voucher

and if you read the small print, it's only redeemable for iTUNES AUSTRALIA

which is totally NOT new zealand

several days later the additional $50 voucher shows up

FOR iTUNEs australia only.

i'm writing a letter
(actually an email, coz it's way more environmentally friendly...)


Tammy Howard said...

My husband hits that coma, too! And we don't even have iPhones - just Omnias. It's enough. It's way too much.

I shall introduce my girls to Boy Meets Girl. That sounds like a fun little time filler!

Reluctant Housewife said...

They gave you something only redeemable in Australia. Heh. Dumb!

Fun post, Sue! Your family always seems like you'd be such fun to hang out with. That game! I'll have to try it.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Gotta love that fine print!

I have a ATT Rebate card in my wallet right now, I HATE these kinds of rebates because there are restriction on where you can use them (there is an automatic 20% surcharge if you use them at any kind of eating establishment or service establishemnt, so you can't it to eat out or get a manicure, not unless you want to automatically pay an additional 20%, what a rip off, in my humble opinion) and you can not cash them in for cash!

I have called and complained numerous time, yet it is always customer no-service.

Good luck with you complaining , I hope you get a satisfactory resolution.


mandyb said...

wowsa there is a lot to take in on this post..... to start with YUM love one red dog.... wasn;t sure about the roast lamb pizza with peas on it though!!! (luckily they took that one off the menu!!!)

as for the 'i' attack... yes they are taking over the world... least you dont have mac computers!!!

good luck with the i tunes fit...!!!! "

(ps you are finally in my google list..... YIPEE

Jacey said...

I *thinik* (could be wrong) that the Aussie ones might be useable here in NZ too. Try it:)

Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow - This is a BIG post!
- My husband got an iPhone - my whole family of men take turns at the coma. Don't tell, sometimes I do, too!
-I'd like to understand that pizza photo...
-You could sell the card?

Tiaras said...

That pizza - which I have never seen or heard of - Looks so DELICIOUS!

and that movie - totally rocked it! My little one even sat for the entire time!

JamericanSpice said...

Oh dear I feel old. I've never held an iphone.

And indeed I did notice it was $50! uh huh no.

I hope you get it sorted out.

Kristi Smith said...

So did the second one show up in a big envelope like that too?

Phones and computers have ruined everything! ;)

Jaina said...

That's a funny game. I hope they correct the iTunes issue. Clearly they need a geography lesson. ;)