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Monday, July 20, 2009

the working girl update: winning something completely useless

this time tomorrow i'll be in sunny nelson eagerly preparing for the 3 day conference i have single-handedly organised over the past 4 months!

i'm really excited about it all coming together; meeting the delegates, exhibitors and presenters, getting post-conference feedback, and starting all over again to plan an even better 2010 event! (i'm a little ocd like that).

i'm also looking forward to not being so time pressured at work, although i got asked to organise another conference for november today, so i guess that idea's out the window!

a curious thing has started happening now that i'm in a 'workplace'. strangers call me. they want to have meetings with me. they ask me to come and visit their venue, attend their expo, get something printed with them.

how do these people know my name? how did they get my number?

i guess it's just one of life's mysteries.

last week i attended a tech expo aka nirvana for gadget freaks. samsung, hewlett package, canon, fuji, microsoft, belkin - you name it, they were there. there were 3 highlights for me:

1) dropping my business card (i have them now you know) in the 'lucky draw' of all the exhibitors. i'm under no illusion that all i'll gain from that is a lot of junk email.

2) adobe were there and they're going to fix my iTUNES problem. watch this space!

3) i won something while i was at the expo

you know the drill: stand around, listen to the sponsors wax lyrical about their product and hope that your name gets called out so you haven't wasted 40 minutes of your day. there was around a dozen prizes onstage:

mini laptops, digital frames, monitors, xbox, cameras, logitech steering wheels, a beer fridge - y'know, lots of cool stuff.

MY name got called. did i win any of the uber-cool aforementioned stuff i just mentioned?


what did i win?

a polystyrene cheque.

to the value of $170

for a server configuration


...the shame didn't end there. i had to carry the DAMN thing all the way through town back to my office!

where it's sat ever since.

any suggestions as to what i should do with it???


mandyb said...

hahaha would pay to see a photo of you carrying that cheque in your handbag!!!

what to do with it?? who knows... cant even think of anything funny to write here!!!

have fun in nelson may it be SUNNY for you

Stacey said...

Wow! that is the biggest check I have ever seen!

I'm not quite sure what you would do with that???

Tammy Howard said...

Oh, there should be pics of you carrying it through town!

Enjoy your conference!

cat said...

Oh gosh yes, useless! Poor you girl!

auntiegwen said...

Oh the stress you busy executives have !!!!! xx meant to email you back that date you suggested in October is fine, see you then for cupcakes and cosmos !! can't wait xx

Kristi Smith said...

Nice check . . . I have no clue what you do with it. I can't believe you don't have a photo of you carrying it!

Love the new banner.

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness. I have no idea what to do with such a thing!

thatgirlblogs said...

when I stop laughing at the vision of you walking the streets with that thing, I'll think of a use. surfboard?

found you on sits, and I love the cosmo/cupcake idea. I'm in.

Jaina said...

Give it to your boss or get a really cool home network?

Robin said...

Well did win

But Jaina's idea is not bad.
Re-gift it.....

Hope your day has been beautiful

Sass E-mum said...

Ouch. That's so bad.

Are you sure you won't be cutting it up for scrapping??

Hope the whole conference went well.