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Friday, October 23, 2009

photostory friday: i heart italian food, but when you're in italy, it's just called food

well, first there's gelato

of COURSE there's gelato
i ate some

it was chocolate and it was good

then there's cheese - a LOT of cheese

and whatever THIS is

lemonchello, or in our case - LEMONZ - it was tastyz

then of course there was the cheap but very yummy wine

and beer (who are these clowns?)

peroni was mr scrappy's favourite beer

some nights before we went out to dinner, we had a little appetizer at home

mooocho yummeeo

and let's not forget coffee and pastries in the morning

check out these ladies pretending not to notice they're gonna end up on my blog some day soon

then there was pizza

this is me and my quattro formaggio pizza (that's 4 cheese pizza to you)

i should start out by saying that i can never eat more than 3 slices of kiwi pizza coz we have thicker crusts. it was a shock to me as much as anyone that i could eat an ENTIRE pizza (but again i draw your attention to the thin crust). THIN crust i say.

okay - one piece down, trackin' ok

and i make it look so delicate too!

oh dear. spoke too soon

aw man - italian pizza makes you crazy!

no wait, just a little bloated

and here's my little 'mum and pop' moment of the post.

we didn't eat out every morning. sometimes we had cereal at the apartment first! they sell special k in rome - how cool is that? i think the guy on the front of the box is saying that if i eat special k i'll become irresistible to him, and that he's "comin' for me".

[that's my story, and i'm sticking to it]

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Emily said...

Unfortunately, when I went to Italy I was 10 weeks pg and sick. as. a. dog. So, all I ate was bread. (Ok, in the moments I felt human, I did sample a little wine). Peroni was my hub's beer of choice too. You know I did try gelato and I thought it had a weird aftertaste that I'm also attributing to the pregnancy hormones. I really need to go back so I can eat!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I am SO going to Italy. Just for the gelato alone. My mouth is watering over here!

Sorry my PSF wasn't up when you stopped by. It is now!

KK said...

Everything looks scrumptious!

Tammy Howard said...

Nothing about this post didn't look good! Including the suave dude on the Special K. Pizza, wine, beer and gelato? Yes, please.

*pizza peasant* Joh said...

I am sorry, but that pizza looked yuck! It looked so bland. I'll just have to take your word that it was yum.
Where was the mushrooms and strips of colourful peppers??? What? No pineapple chunks? UNbelievable!
I couldn't see 1 anchovy...

Seroiusly, great story photos! Bet those women have already checked themselves out on your blog! Ha!

Maggie May said...

Ooooooooh! Thank you for making me feel sooooo hungry! Delicious things on offer in Italy!

Nuts in May

Jingle said...

I {heart} Gelato!!!! And italian cheese! I need to go back just to eat! LOL!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

WOW! Italy! Way Cool!

Great pictures and it looks like you had an ever more wonderful time!

Thanks for sharing. The hub and I just got back for a vacation to San Francisco. We had a great time, I have done a few post on our time there id you want to check them out. Have a few more to go. I am not very good at condensing.

Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Your trip looked delicious!

I had to laugh at the lady pondering her soon to be blogged about fate! :)

Helen McGinn said...

Heaven...I'm in heaven.....mmmmmm!

Tiaras said...

I was wondering where the gelato was!! I ate some every single day there!! Oh and that pizza - I LOVE it - I CRAVE IT almost weekly!!

Sass E-mum said...

What a great time you had. I'm relieved to have seen these photos after your visit and not before. I'd have been a bit intimidated at even thinking whitstable could compete.

I'll dream of pizza now. I love food with love in it.

Sweet Annabelle said...

A food tour! So fun!

scrappysue said...

dear peasant pizza joh - yes, you are quite right, italian pizza is not kiwi pizza, but what do i care? i was in italy!!!!!

Susie said...

I love yummy posts:-)

Reluctant Housewife said...

And now I'm hungry. :)

and I want beer.

and wine.

Shellie said...

Special K tastes like a cardboard box, but if that guy would truly adore the ground I walk on for it, maybe... As for the GELATO and the PIZZA and the formagio etc, etc. I wish I could eat your post. I heart Italian food!!!

Working Mum said...

Oooo, Italian pizza and ice cream - heaven! However, I do think lemoncello tastes like a flu remedy - can't stand the stuff!

Angela said...

Italy is definitely on our list! All that food looks fantastic. And those ladies in the background? Priceless.

Robyn said...

MMMM. Italy looks like a great place to go just for the food.

Elaine A. said...

I just had lunch but it doesn't matter. All of this looks SO good and I want to eat it! Especially the gelato! YUM!

CC said...

Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! I wanna go to Italy!!!!!!!!!

Sandra said...

OMG, everything here is making me hungry even though I had lunch. I LOVE Italian food!

Do you think the thing in the case is an extra large salami maybe?

cat said...

Oh, the gelato..... I have at last found a little ice-cream place that sells real Italian pistachio gelato and now I am going to get seriously fat.

As to the pizza, we have two little Italian restaurants around here that does the real very very thin crust thing. Yummy!

Heather said...

I know, a year later! Holy hannah, I am so *dying* to go to Italy! Looks like you had a blast!