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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ten on tuesday aka i'm bored

1) i should be cooking dinner right now (a new meatloaf recipe), but i can't be bothered

2) i really enjoyed co-hosting photostory friday (on friday), but feel bad i didn't get around and say hi to everyone

3) i have that pre-christmas BLAH - anyone else have it?

4) i've forgotten half the things i was going to write on here because i got distracted post-dating several blog posts

5) my 18 year old had her last exam today. it was physics and it was "shit" (quote unquote). i'm now ever hopeful that she'll use her spare time to help around the house while i'm at work.

6) i only put #5 in for your benefit and to give you a laugh on a monday, coz i know it ain't gonna happen!!!

7) is it bad to want my 2 weeks off at christmas without having to go through the whole 'christmas thing'?

8) my 18 year old STILL hasn't heard whether she's been accepted into the degree she wants to take and it's really starting to tick me off - imagine how SHE'S feeling!

9) this is my first christmas/holiday season as a 'working mum' and i think i might be feeling a little overwhelmed

10) i'm going away scrapbooking with girlsfriends this weekend - wahoo! (and i'm getting a new hair cut and colour first!)

thanks for listening - here's a funny to finish


Roxane said...

Pre-Christmas Blahs! I'm all over that one. I just don't care :/ hopefully the both of us will come around soon!

Jaina said...

My Christmas is turned all upside down this year, which is keeping things interesting.