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Thursday, April 1, 2010

our wonderful weekend part 3

then on the sunday morning, the hubs and i flew here
castaways resort, which is nestled among stunning coastal cliff tops overlooking the tasman sea
(their words not mine) - but they're all true!

this is the view from the main building looking down the hillside to the wedding area

 a closer look
no - this is NOT the groom paragliding in!
paragliders and hand gliders use the clifftops for a launch pad
there were tonnes of them floating about!

me on our deck just before the wedding

the 'familiars': the hubs, his 2 sisters, brotherin-law, eldest brother and his wife
nicky's 3 sisters and her future sister-in-law

i actually had a conversation with miss 20 recently and was lamenting the fact that i was never a bridesmaid
if it were ever to happen, i would be a MATRON!
i said to her 'ah well, at least YOU will probably get to be a bridesmaid THREE times, just like your cousins!'
nicky and shaun,  they just couldn't stop staring into each other's eyes
'twas lovely
young love *sigh*

i would have got a better shot, but the damned official wedding photographer kept getting in my way!!!
what's with that!!!! hehe
gawd - this is where it gets confusing...
my husband's eldest nephew's wife karen, nicky (2nd from right) with 2 of her sisters and me

the hubs and i have 4 girls, and his next eldest brother also has 4 girls, except we started where they finished
ie their youngest is 22 and our eldest is 20!
it was a tiring day - for everyone!
taking in the gorgeous sunset
sunset again - save the photographer, checking out his final shots of the day

pretty cool huh?
it's a shame ALL the cousins couldn't get together
the hubs has such a big family, our girls didn't get to go, but it was a wonderful wedding and a wonderful 24 hours.


Rockin Momma said...

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cat said...

What a wonderful day - and you looked stunning. And love the bridesmaid dresses as well. I fear my princess will never get to be a flower girl - we have no sisters or brothers that are not married and she so wants to be one.

Heather said...

GORGEOUS!!! And hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Reminds me every year that I will eventually send you a gift! AND of when we met... well started being friends via the internet! Glad to meet you, you are awesome!