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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordful wednesday: happy birthday to me!

i became 47 fabulous years young last friday (the 26th)

considering tara wasn't here (a vital component to the enjoyment of ANY birthday!) - i had a pretty good day.  a fabulous day actually.  i had previously asked for a Wii fit - and i got one!

i also got some great new headphones for my ipod (which will come in handy on the plane on saturday!), a lovely scarf from the girls at work, the 'living oprah' book from miss 20, along with some gorgeous bangles and bracelets from her work, ready to drink cosmo mixture from miss 18 and all sorts of lovely other bits and pcs.

tara is also planning another birthday once i get to sydney!

i started my birthday with a body wrap and chakra massage, followed by lunch with the girls from work, afternoon tea with my friend sara then dinner out with the fam.

i had resigned myself to the fact that i wouldn't have a cake this year (tara has been surprising me with delicious home-made gourmet (her dad's a baker) birthday cakes for years), but my darling husband ordered this plate of chocolate, caramel, couli, cream and icecream goodness.

those wedges are solid chocolate - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special

you're never too old to get excited about your own birthday

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Anne said...

Happy (late) Birthday!!!

Elaine A. said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day Sue - you deserve it! And that dessert looks divine!!! Yum! Happy belated Birthday, birthday mate!

Rachel said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Cecily R said...

Happy late birthday (again). I figure I was late the first time I wished it, I may as well wish it to you even later again. :)

KK said...

Happy birthday! You'll love the wii fit!

angie said...

Happy Birthday. I'm sorry to be late.

I LOVE this picture of you.

We are both Aries. :)

cat said...

Happy belated birthday dear Sue. It sounds like you had the most perfect wonderful birthday.

Debbie said...

No we can't! They are always fun. And you are almost a full year younger than me:)

Tiaras said...

dear girl - happy (belated) birthday! I hope it was bubbly!

Working Mum said...

Belated Happy Birthday! That dessert does look delish.

Jaina said...

A very belated Happy Birthday to you!!