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Friday, April 30, 2010

photostory friday: golden years

these photos were taken on saturday april 23, 1960

and these were taken on saturday april 24, 2010

my parents have been married for 50 years!

..and mr scrappy and i have been married for 25

75 years between the 4 of us

not a bad effort

i feel quite honoured to have been a part of their celebrations
they certainly are amazing role models for marriage

they drive each other crazy i'm sure, but for better or for worse (and all the other 'and/ors')
they look pretty damn happy to me!

(this last photo is a little blurry, as my dad was spinning mum around the dance floor, and that wonderful portrait lens of mine has a VERY narrow depth of field!)

i really enjoyed scanning in their wedding album (for the photo board), and the opportunity to touch up many of the photos, and i now look forward to scrapping them too!

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Anne said...

Those are all such great pictures! Congratulations to them and you!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!!! That is a HUGE achievement!!!

Chris said...

What a marvelous celebration! They look just as good now as they did fifty years ago.

KK said...

That is awesome, congrats to them!

debi9kids said...

What a lovely couple they are!
I LOVE getting a peek at old photos like this! Vert neat :)

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

cat said...

Happy Anniversary to you all. Gosh, your parents look wonderful. Your mom is still such a beauty.

Rachel said...

Her dress is GORGEOUS!!!!!

Happy Anniversary to you both. :)

auntiegwen said...

Don't you have good genes ? Much love to you all xxxx

Reluctant Housewife said...

That's wonderful! congratulations to you all!


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a cute couple! Congrats to them! My parents recently celebrated this milestone as well ... 2 years ago. Quite an accomplishment!

utmomof 5 said...

Happy Anniversary to them!! 50 years, that is impressive :)

JOh said...

What a beautiful wedding dress! What a neat post Sue!
Congrats to your parents!

Elizabeth said...

What a great tribute to them. I love the "then" and "now" photos. They don't look old enough to be married for 50 years!

Tiaras said...

I LOVE this post!!! Many congrats to all 4 of you!

Kat said...

Oh how lovely! I adore hearing of long, happy marriages. They do still exist! ;)

My mom and dad were married 50 years as well. :)

Working Mum said...

And they look as beautiful/handsome now as in the first picture!

Many congratualtions to them. Now, the important question: what is their secret of a long, happy marriage?

Elaine A. said...

Congratulations to your parents! Mine will celebrate their 50 years in July and plans are underway for a HUGE party! It's gonna be so fun.

Great pictures of your parents and 75 years all together? SO awesome!!