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Monday, May 3, 2010

bad blogger: again

what can i say?

i blame facebook.  again.

i've just realised i'm only updating on wednesdays and fridays, so thought i'd thrown in a monday update just to keep you (my 19 readers) on your toes.

i'm in my third week of unemployment (not that i'm counting) and am enjoying ZUMBA classes.
for women 'of a certain age', they are the most freeing thing
that's the only way i can describe them

i've sent packages of bloggy love to some long-time blog friends

do let me know when they arrive!

i've loaded anything that isn't nailed down onto trade me (ebay) and i'm doing a lot of laundry (ok, that's not new)

i've applied for SEVERAL jobs, but most of them are through recruitment agencies and well, i've not found that avenue, PARTICULARLY helpful.  at all.

i'm off to my first hen's night in ...  years (she has 3 kids now, so it's been a while!)
and a 25th birthday on saturday

after mum and dad's 50th last saturday and an engagement party in the weekend, i feel i have all the bases of milestone celebrations covered for now.

i've posted this video before, but it makes me smile every time i watch it, so i'm going to share it again
we were on our way home from a fathers' day breakfast (2 years ago).

take 2 minutes out of your day to enjoy my 4 girls singing sara bareilles' "love song".

the quality is a little fuzzy due to compression, but enjoyable nonetheless

happy monday!


Rachel Cotterill said...

Wow, that sounds busy! I hope you're having fun :)

Elizabeth said...

That video made me smile. What noise, being a car with four girls! Five, if we count you. Your husband is a saint!
I love the girls' singing - all mumbly and cute!

skoots1mom said...

thanks for fun!
beautiful girls...i love their suddenly having "southern accents" as we say here in Georgia.
write...that 'long i' will get you every time :)

cat said...

I hear Zumba is great - got to try it.

Michelle said...

I have heard Zumba is a lot of fun. Good thing to do while waiting for the perfect job to show up. :)

Melinda said...

I've not blogged in months. Not sure it is all to blame on FB but more the lack of blogging being a priority for me in this hectic pace of life. I sort of miss it I you are doing better than I even if you only post twice a week.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, oh, oh! How I love you!

Thank you, my friend!

Elaine A. said...

They are just so sweet. Will you adopt me? I always wanted sisters and I'm thinking they'd make great Aunties to my kids! HA!