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Friday, June 18, 2010

photostory friday and the suitcase

during my recent clean-out, i found this suitcase

i bought it back in 1982 before my first trip overseas (which was also my first time on a plane!)

although it's of no practical use anymore and had it's 'day' (today it wouldn't last a 30 minute flight between the north island the south island), 'back in the day', this was a good suitcase, and it's certainly done some miles!

"you can't throw it out mum!  it's vintage!  it's COOL!"
...the girls cried when i said it was going in the bin

...and i guess they're right

just look where it's taken me

first of all it took me here

you can easily spot my parents and me by the silly hats we're wearing...
(i have no idea who the other people are)

the suitcase took me here too

(the silly hats came as well)

then my suitcase took me to london.
if i was hoping that my photography skills would be improved on the other side of the atlantic, i was sadly mistaken
up until the very month we were in england (april 1982), you could walk right up to #10 Downing Street (where the british prime minister lives), but wouldn't you know it, the bloody argentines went and invaded the falkland islands (a british colony), and #10 became off-limits.

of course, these days it looks like fort knox, and i'm guessing it's been that way since 911

but i digress!

my suitcase took me here too
i think there's a lot more metalwork around this these days too

then my suitcase got on a boat and took me here

check out the dad and son short shorts in the background
how cute are they?

from wonderfully romantic to dark and depressing, my suitcase took me here

this is checkpoint charlie

checkpoint charlie was the name given by the western allies (UK, USA, France among others) to the best-known berlin wall crossing between east and west berlin during the cold war.

if it looks cold, dark, scary and depressing - it was.  this, and the next 2 photos were taken from inside the tour bus, which wasn't allowed to STOP, and we certainly weren't allowed to get out!

and this is the brandenburg gate
ironically, it was built as a sign of peace 
it was built between 1788 and 1791 and is made up of 12 DORIC columns

back in 2002 (12 years after german reunification), it was privately restored at a cost of $US6M
and this photo needs no explanation at all
i'd love to know what this place looks like now!

back to my suitcase!
by now, it was in search of a pleasant diversion

and it found one!

from hot to not
i discovered (just today when i was writing this post)
that mt titlis was the sight of the world's first revolving CABLE CAR.

mt titlis is in the urner alps of switzerland.

of course at 19, none of this interested me
i was only interested in the fact that the mountain had the word TIT in it

after cold, it was back to hot, and my suitcase took me here

then home again

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Stacey said...

Man, if that suitcase could talk! Great pics! You are very lucky to have been to all those places!

Anne said...

I LOVE looking at old travel pictures! You've had some really amazing trips, and I agree with your daughters - you can't get rid of that suitcase!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

You are one traveled gal! What history your suitcase has seen!

debi9kids said...

FASCINATING! You can not throw that away! It needs to remain as a conversation piece.
LOVED this post!

mandyb said...

great ALL those shots. Thanks for the texts my jim jams now...feeling a little better!!! sorry i am missing the fun !!!!!

cat said...

A brilliant photo story - and I agree - way too Vintage to go. So I am interested in where the "elephant" sticker comes from.

Kelly said...

You CAN"T throw that case away! Find another use for it!! LOL We so had one of those cases in our family when I was a kid where near the cool stickers on it though!

Janine said...

That suitcase is awesome, the memories and places it has been is fantastic. LOL at the tit comment.

Whooo hoo for Miss 12 cutting her dad's hair. How did Miss 20 feel about it in the end lol.

Glad you enjoyed high tea at Martha's it is such a fantastic place for high tea.

Martha said...

What great memories that suitcase has -- and no, you can't throw it out!

Tiaras said...

oh you are an explorer dear friend!