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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wordful wednesday: happy shortest day

for yesterday

i snapped this pic (then photoshopped it a bit) on the way past our botanical gardens, yesterday at lunchtime.

i was on my way BACK from the orthodontist (miss 12)

and on my way TO miss 20's new FLAT!

yes, my eldest baby is moving out

there's so much to say about it, but that's a whole other blog post

...and seeing as she's moving out NEXT WEEK (before we head off to australia for our winter getaway), i'll save it for then

suffice it to say, i'm very happy for her (and depending on her behaviour) even happier for me!

while she's deciding whether she actually needs me to help her move out, i'm going to start enjoying lighter mornings and longer days.

i love it when the shortest day is also a sunny one.

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mandyb said...

love the shot....botannical gardens in the winter is quite different!!!
as for the flat YAH for you both!!! good move into the REAL world....did us all some good!!! (even though we would NEVER tell our mothers that!!!!)
btw are you still keen to go to that scrappy thing on sat??? do we need to book....i'll go if you go!!!!

cat said...

I am so happy that we are on the way to summer again.

cat said...

I am so happy that we are on the way to summer again.

KK said...

Looks like a beautiful day!

Tiaras said...

oh that would be a sad day for me!!!