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Monday, July 26, 2010

the big shwop: re-loaded

you may remember my first big shwop experience last year with mandy.

the big shwop is new zealand's largest eco-fashion event and is an afternoon of shopping that doesn't dent your bank account or your conscience.

for every unwanted, barely-worn, quality fashionable clothing item the big shwop accept, you get to 'buy' one item of clothing (or shoes or bags).  no money changes hands (although it does cost $20 to register and you get a loot bag of sponsor products).

the organisers made a couple of crucial changes to last year (one of which was my idea!) and it made the world of difference to our experience.

i went with my friend nik, and we had a great time.

and here's me with my loot

here's my [non]-purchases

these super-cute flats

wrap-around dress and dress-top

a skirt for tara

i'll wear this over skinnys i think

wrap-around top

'the girls' look great in this, and when i say 'the girls' i mean my boobs, not my daughters, although in the cold light of day, there's a strong possibility it WILL look better on my daughters!

wrap-around dress

here's me wearing it today
excuse the photo quality - stupid white balance

i felt super-cute in this outfit today and wore it to see this film festival movie about women playing rugby in iran.  the spirit of these women is inspirational.

and last, but not least, this wrap-around top

(anyone sensing a theme here?)

happy monday!


mandyb said...

YAH you got great stuff again!!!!
i do think smaller sized ladies have more on offer!!!! us cuddly ladies...maybe not as much!!!

so what changes did they make???

cat said...

Oh I love wraps too! Such a sensible shopping idea - wish someone will do it here.

auntiegwen said...

Another reason to live in NZ xx

Anonymous said...

Love the wrap dress you were modelling - looks great. What changes did they make? Did they have things organised into sizes?


Elaine A. said...

What a great idea and you got some really cute things! You look totally fab in that dress. :)

Tiaras said...

LOVE wrap arounds too!!