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Friday, July 23, 2010

photostory friday and aussie world

remember how on wednesday i said that some photos deserved their own post?

well, this is one of them

this is aussie world

it's on the sunshine coast and sits behind the ettamogah pub

here's the ettamogah pub

it was built in 1989 and based on a cartoon drawing
the cartoonist's drawings line the inside of the pub and the furniture inside is built from trees cleared from the pub's building site

'ettamogah' is aboriginal for 'good place to drink'

aussie world was apparently refurbished in 2005, but to us, it looked like a tired theme park aimed at younger children.  having said that, our guys just loved it!  we aimed for the 4 'thrill rides' which were said to feature:

"stresses and unexpected physical forces"

G ones i'm guessing

and some did produce some 'unexpected physical forces'

like this one

this is called the 'wild mouse rollercoaster' ride

although i prefer to call it 'the death ride'

gateway to 'crap-your-pantsville'

i discovered this morning, that 'wild mouse' refers to a specific type of rollercoaster, that are characterised by small cars that take tight, flat turns (without cant or camber) at modest speeds, that produce high lateral g-forces.

all of this is true, but they forgot to add the part where you think you are going to fly right off the end of the turn and be flung into the stratesphere and plummet to your death.

i think the looks on my girls' faces sum up this point succinctly.

this is her 'thank god i'm alive and it's over' face

this one was actually our favourite, and we WERE planning on riding it again, but after riding the 'space shaker swinging ship' and following that up with a ride on the voyage simulator, all we wanted to do was sit very still.  for a very long time.

this mini golf course was insanely difficult and i'm certain a fair amount of cheating went on, but everyone had fun!  i never did see any blue or white dots.  go figure

she was very excited to win!

this is the second largest ferris wheel in the southern hemisphere (if you believe wiki)
and yes, i have an annoying spot on my point-and-shoot

this is actually a happy face

this one was fun too.  we rode it twice

yeah i'm a rebel
wanna make something of it???

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Chris said...

I know the Wild Mouse!

So, I've always wondered -- why do they call you ladies Down Under, Sheilas?

Elizabeth said...

Love that Wild Mouse roller coaster... looks like scary fun! I love the looks on your girls' faces!

mandyb said...

love it...looks fun

parentingBYdummies said...

Looks like you guys all had a blast, but roller coasters make me gag, and puke, and cry so I avoid them. I don't mind one little bit being the "stuff watcher" when we go. Although it does make paying for my ticket a little ridiculous.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

gotta love the rebel in ya! :) That ride does look a bit disconcerting.....

KK said...

What fun!

Working Mum said...

Just caught up on your last few posts and wow! what a great apartment! Love looking at other peoples' holiday snaps; looks like you are having a great time.

cat said...

I am really no good with rollercoasters and the such. Not my type of adrenaline

Elaine A. said...

Looks like an "Aussie" good time! he he. :) Such fun photos!

Used Stationary Bikes said...

I'm never brave enough to take photos where it isn't allowed. Love the rebel photo!