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Saturday, July 3, 2010

normal transmission will be resumed as soon as i'm done sunning myself on a beach for the next 7 days

just wanted to say a BIG BLOGGY THANKS for the kind words and support following yesterday's post.

...and you know what the best part was?

i KNEW how wonderful you would all be

"ask and ye shall receive"

"sisters are doin' it for themselves"

'n'all that

if you still have some bloggy love left to spare, please visit kelli over at pooba - she's having a tough time right now and could do with your support too.

tomorrow, the 6 of us are heading here:

everyone is very excited, and because we're not at home and on holiday, i'm fairly certain that there won't be any of the household drama we've had lately.

it's amazing even what 24 hours of flatting will do to a girl.

i got a call the next day VERY politely requesting some items that were left behind.  when i replied that i had planned to give her space between then and coming home tonight [for tomorrow's early flight] - she said:

"no, no - it's fine.  i don't mind.  you can come over!"

what a difference a day makes.

see ya back here in a week!


mandyb said...

have a great time....and enjoy the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam said...

Have a wonderful time Sue! I have to say I consider you lucky if you are only experiencing it at 20, I'm already dealing with it at 14 and I can't even kick him out yet! ;)

Cecily R said...

Oh my jetsetting friend! HAve a wonderful time sunning yourself. And throw in a little extra for me, okay?

I'm glad things are better for you and Miss 20 (I've read both posts, I'm just commenting in a weird order here--I need a vacation, clearly). When I need advice in this area in a few years I'm coming to you. I'll need all the help I can get!!

cat said...

Enjoy your holiday!

angie said...

Wishing you a WONDERFUL vacation. And lots of sun!

KK said...

Have fun!