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Friday, July 9, 2010

photostory friday: same mould, different cookies

i gave up a long time ago being gobsmacked at how four  children with the same DNA could be SO COMPLETELY different.

take personal [holiday] habits for instance.

exhibit A: the holiday suitcase of miss 12:

the suitcase of miss 13:

for reasons unknown to the rest of the world, she saw fit to RE-PACK not long after this photo was taken

the suitcase of miss 18:

and miss 20:

chalk and cheese, and chalk and cheese again.

in case you're wondering where all this suitcase carnage is occurring, this is the view from our PENTHOUSE [with private rooftop] apartment (gotta love free upgrades)...

happy PSF!!!

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mandyb said...

so so jealous!!!!!
it is freezingggggggggggg here!!!!!
like 4.c!!!! brrrrrrrrr

angie said...

I never get upgraded. Ever. What's your secret? I love that you posted pictures of the suitcases of all the girls. So telling about different personalities! I'm like Miss 13, yet none of my kids are. boo. :)

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

Love it! My sister and I are total opposites when it comes to things like this too. What a great way to share their uniqueness!

Thanks for sharing!

CJ said...

Haha! Love it. My suitcase always seems to explode when vacationing - somehow the things inside expand, and the size of the bag itself...shrinks.

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

AMAZING view! I hope you had a great vacation.

Working Mum said...

Great post! Love the insight into your girls.

Now, how do you get an upgrade?

Debbie in Nashville said...

Too funny! Nice view!

Teri said...

Cool upgrade. We got several upgrades on our recent family vacay, including the rental car. Sweet ride.

We recently went to Alabama (I know) to visit my grandmother. My sister and her 23 year old went with us. My nephew used a grocery bag as luggage. So these suitcases look marvelous.

Tiaras said...

a) I hope you area all having a blast -

b) flipping hilarious!!!

Grand Pooba said...

That is so funny! I can definitely relate. My sister is just like miss 20. Me? Miss 13 :o)

KK said...

My siblings and I are different like that too.

Krystyn said...

Mine looks something like that of your 20 year old. Too funny.

Enjoy the penthouse!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

OH yeah gotta love free upgrades! And kids are all so different just like you said....... round here though all of mine seem to like the messy look!