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Friday, August 13, 2010

photostory friday and a life update

Confucius say: 

as soon as you vacuum your floors, 1 or 3 or all of your cats will bring in a bird and make this mess.


in other news:

- after 6 weeks or so as a lady of leisure, i've landed a contract with the human rights commission in an executive assistant position.  it's a WAY COOL job with WAY COOL people.  i'm job sharing, so working 5 mornings, with 2 1/2 weeks full-time starting next week.

this contract runs through until mid-september, or maybe november!
i finish at 12.30 and get the 1.02 train and am home before 1.30 which gives me 2 hours before the girls get home.

it's VERY civilised.

- i'm officially over winter.  it seems to be getting COLDER instead of warmer.  the weather is WILD tonight.  wild i tell you.

- my baby will be 21 in exactly 12 days. my eldest baby that is.  she's gone flatting and it's going swimmingly.   our relationship improved 375% pretty much the instant she left home.  many others will tell you that this is the way it goes. 

we (she and i) couldn't be happier about it.

- i went to a quiz last night (and you KNOW how i love a good quiz) and we got 2ND!!!  played our joker in the wrong round (we would have won), but that's the way the cookie crumbles.  i discovered that ALFRED NOBEL and TAIO CRUZ have something in common.

wanna know what it is?

DYNAMITE.  (i did not personally know this).

- my eyelids are heavy.  with worry.  nothing i'm prepared to share, but i know how supportive y'all always are, so i'm just putting that out there.  for now, let's file it under 'parenting causes worry' and leave it at that.

- i'm not alone wishing that saturday morning sport will be cancelled tomorrow!
this does not make me a bad parent.  i've umpired TOO many times in the rain this winter.  last week i umpired INTO sideways rain with water running down the inside of my neck.  kinda like that time i was umpiring with water running down the inside of my bra.

- august is going to be a very social month.  mr scrappy and i are participating in several wellington on a plate food festival events - yeehaw!  fuel espresso tasting evening, a murder mystery dinner, and the courtney cocktail crawl, just to mention a few - bring it!!!

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mandyb said...

OH NO re the feathers!!! always the way!!!
as for the is TERRIBLE!!!! am SO over it too...

have fun with the wgtn on a plate stuff.,,,,bumma we missed out on the cupcake thingee

Pam said...

Another reason I'm so glad my kitties don't go outside!

Congrats on the new job!

auntiegwen said...

Well done on the job xx

Life with Kaishon said...

I am going to pray that you can rest and have a relaxing Saturday morning!

YAY about the job! That sounds so fun. LOVE that schedule like crazy.

Can not get over the bird feathers. Get out of the city! That is craziness!

Allison @ Alli 'n Son said...

Wow, that happened twice and you still kept the cats? That is a HUGE mess!

Debbie said...

I have been lucky so far. The closest my cats have come to bringing one inside was just the screened porch. It's still such a mess.

KK said...

Oh I hate it when the dog brings me a dead bird!

Carmel Keane said...

We had a live rat brought in last night - eew eew eew. horrible long tail. Did look kinda cute when we had it cornered by back door - but no! eew eew eew!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Lots of news!!!

Before I forget, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the lovely card! It finally arrived - stupid post!! You're an awesome friend - thanks again!

Great news on the job!! Can't wait to hear more!

Hugs on the parenting issue you're having. Kids are the best...most of the time, lol! I hope whatever it is is resolved positively, and soonest!

Enjoy all your socializing and fests!!!!

cat said...

I am so ready for summer too! Enjoy yo9ur hectic August and great going on the job!

theUngourmet said...

Icky! I think my kitties got a mouse. Luckily, we found it outside not in! I'll be thinking of you regarding whatever it is. I hope it comes out alright. Congrats on the job, the hours sound perfect!

Heather said...

Okay the water running down bra thing would drive me berserk! I hope your worries are washed away soon and you have a lot of fun this busy time! That might be just the trick to take your mind off what ails you. Oh and those darn cats! EEK that does not look great. Kind of like the poop the kid (as in mine) smears all over the bathroom. You really don't want to touch any of it, but know it has to be done!