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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

wordful wednesday: take time to smell the fresias

this is how i felt today

but without the baby and with 4 more cats

and a call from school to collect a sick child

with no transport

and a cancelled train

and a handover before 2 and a half weeks full-time work

but i DID get given these yesterday

gorgeous FRAGRANT freesias (and that bottle of chardonnay on the right)

with a hectic couple of weeks ahead of me, i'm reminding to tell myself to take some time and smell the freesias

..and hang on tight til friday night when we're off on the


and yes, that's exactly as it sounds

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mandyb said...

sue you have a better social life then me!!! how sad it that!!!

glad you got it all sorted yest!!! how annoying to have a train cancelled!!!

angie said...

Hope you had a great weekend. What's a handover? The flowers are gorgeous!

KK said...

They are gorgeous!

Janine said...

that cartoon made me smile...I love the smell of fresias....and even beter is you got some!!

Enjoy the crawl.....

lisaschaos said...

That doesn't sound like a good day at all! Too much thrown at you! I hope the flowers helped ease the pain. :(

Honey Mommy said...

THAT's what I need. Some lovely flowers to make the chaos more beautiful!

Grand Pooba said...


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