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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wordful wednesday and the big surprise

maybe these should have been linked up to wordLESS wednesday, because they really need no words, but of course there's a story, so here it is!

if you remember, back in january, tara and her family moved back to australia

if your best friend has ever moved away/to another country, you know how that feels

best friends are hard to come by and they are sorely missed when not closeby.

about a month ago, after yet another lengthy phone call to tara, i sat on my bed and said 'i just wish i could hop on a plane and go see them.'

of course i took it a step further and made it a surprise!
i didn't even tell my miss 14 (who came with me to see HER bestie) until 9 hours before we jumped on the plane from wellington to sydney

one facebook status update and the surprise would have been toast!

i enlisted the help of tara's youngest sister, and what followed was lots of tears and hugs and a very happy 4 days.

i don't yet have the pics of tara, but i can tell you that her response was 'oprah worthy'.
(think that woman who slammed the door in oprah's face when she was surprised with tom cruise the first time).

after tara had calmed down, we collected her miss 13 from school, while my miss 14 hid around the corner of the building.

you can see what followed :)

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theUngourmet said...

What a wonderful surprise trip! I'm a huge fan of spontaneity! :)

Anonymous said...

i was just looking at the photos from when you surprised mum! :)
how was the flight back??