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Friday, September 24, 2010

photostory friday: just like wordful wednesday, but with more photos (and words)

 so last weekend miss 14 and i jumped on a plane to sydney to surprise my bestie tara, and miss 14's bestie - miss 13 (that be her with the suprised look on her face)
 that be her sister miss 12 much later that day when miss 14 leapt out from under a pile of blankets to surprise her

and here's tara and i waiting for our pizzas in the sun
back home there's thunder and lightening and gale force winds, but i'm toughing it out in the sun

really, what's a girl to do??

just soak it all up, that's what's to do

that 'golden hour' (there's an iphone ap for it!)
that hour before the sun goes down that's perfect for taking photos

like this one

 the next day it's off to the beach (coz we can)
NB:  this school drink bottle is NOT being used for juice alone
(if you know what i mean!)

what's a trip to the beach without a little tipple?!

and jumpy pics

i love jumpy pics...`

i said JUMPY pics!!!

there you go

 before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye and head home

a wonderful surprise
a wonderful weekend

PhotoStory Friday
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auntiegwen said...

Love it, love it love it!

I am so living in the wrong hemisphere x

mandyb said...

love all the whats with you in the sand??? end of a jumpy pic???

love that last shot too...through the train ticket machines!!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

How nice that you 2 were able to pop over for that surprise weekend! Love your jumpy shots.... I can never get a good one.

Jac said...

What a fabulous surprise!!

(And I adore the jumping shots! Who doesn't love those?? LOL!)

Jaina said...

What a lovely surprise that must have been! I'm so glad you got to go :)

Debbie said...

This trip and all these photos make me happy!

cat said...

That was an excellent weekend in anybody's books.