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Friday, October 1, 2010

photostory friday: 10 days of 365

i just thought i'd share the last 10 days of my 365

(coz i can)

and 10 random thoughts:

NB:  the random thoughts might not necessarily be associated with the photo :)

sept 20
random thought #1: i'm still waiting for the surprise pics of tara (they weren't taken on my camera)
every time i look at the pics of miss 13 being surprised, i smile happy tears

september 21st
this is michelle and her two children
(you remember michelle?  she's one of my scrappy chicks)

they used to be our neighbours, but moved to australia at the start of the year
they came back for a visit last week and stayed for the night

random thought #2: i can't wait to get outside today
after the wind and rain of yesterday (and the day before) - today looks mighty inviting

september 22nd
photo taken at a restaurant on our waterfront before i went to the WOW show

random thought #3: if you want to know what WOW is all about, click here

september 23rd
when i look at this photo, i feel like jay leno, but without the bigger garage, more cars, more money, a tv show of my own, and a way bigger comedic ability

random thought #4: being funny is cool

(oh:, that's mr scrappy's new bike - the blue one.  it goes like a cut cat,  i went for a ride on it the other day and just about flew off the back.

note to self: must hold on

PS: yes, that's a confederate flag in our garage. remember we used to live in georgia and that used to be the state flag

september 24th
miss 18 has a late uni class on a friday afternoon, and if i'm not going out, i will often offer her the car - at which point she fleeces me for parking money

random thought #5: no wonder i never have any cash in my purse

september 25th
every 2nd saturday: our 'house-mouse' day

random thought #6: i'm still madly in love with my new dyson (and i don't care if that's weird)

september 26th
my oldest friend in the whole wide world: we met at middle school, so we've known each other approximately 137 years (and mr scrappy making my coffee)

random thought #7: evidence that i might be losing my mind: i made quiche for lunch on the saturday then wondered why sharon hadn't turned up for lunch.

reason: i had invited her to come on sunday

september 27th
spring tulips

random thought #8: i wish i could trust my kittens not to pee in paces they shouldn't

september 28th
after shopping for our civil defence emergency kit, the girls and i treated ourselves to coffee and a cupcake at a city cafe.  the raspberries were delicious!

random thought #9: where to put the emergency kit so it's in a handy place when disaster strikes.
supplementary random thought: define 'handy'

september 29th
miss 14's funky new purple glasses
she's had the same frames since she was 6 (only uses them for reading at school, so we hadn't realised just how long she'd been wearing them!) so when we were in australia recently, we got 2 pair on a deal.

she was DEAD SET on getting a pair of black thick frames (workin' the whole hot librarian look)
when they arrived in the post, she decided she didn't like the black frames as much as she first thought.

random thought #10: BLOODY KIDS!!!!!

hope your friday is shaping up as well is ours is :)

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Elizabeth said...

I don't think it's weird that you are madly in love with your dyson - it seems completely normal to me!
PS - love the idea of a house mouse day!

Anonymous said...

Great photo. I LOVE my dyson and I have had it for 4 years. I like her new glasses. Cute!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The tulips are SO beautiful! Love all the randomness! :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Heh! Your Jay Leno comment made me laugh.

I love the tulip photo! So perfect.

cat said...

Loved this post but truly love those purple glasses.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Love this jam-packed post! And, being funny is definitely cool.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wonderful photos! You have such a fun family!!!

R Montalban said...

Thanks for popping over to see my post and your kind compliments. Like the shots you took of your week and who knows maybe she will see the purple glasses are great :-)