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Friday, November 26, 2010

last week at the cleavers

miss 12 got the rest of her braces fitted

her glee at getting christmas-theme coloured rubber bands was quickly replaced by pain as they started doing their work


as this isn't my first rodeo, i already had supplies of juice and berries at the ready for SMOOTHIES, which would make up her liquid diet for the next 4 or 5 days.

the great thing about smoothies, is that you can sneak in stuff like this:

where i made MILK-based smoothies (as opposed to juice-based ones),  i also added a raw egg - and before you freak out about me feeding my child raw egg, know that you're more likely to get struck by lightening than you are to FIND a contaminated egg, let alone contract salmonella.

so, even though she had VERY sore teeth for several days, her diet was outstanding!

the next day our dishwasher BLEW UP (after only 3 years!)

so we (and when i say 'we', i mean the kids)
(coz the cook doesn't do dishes in this house - whether or NOT they're done by hand!)

got to do this...

they don't seem TOO unhappy about it tho

well, 50% of the workers don't seem to mind

they do dishes by hand every january when we camp, but this is the first time they've had to do it at home

and the damage was minimal..

what's happening at your place this week?

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Sharlene Meyer said...

I well remember the pain of getting braces fitted (and again eveytime they adjust them!) so Miss 12 has my sympathies! All those years ago when I got mine, the coloured bands were only JUST available and I went mad with colour combos - it was sooo not the 'in' thing back then!!

Michelle said...

I love the thumbs up! But she looks so sad under that blanket, poor sausage :(

latree said...

hi Sue, how are you?

I planned to put some braces for Ibit, but I need to wait until she lose all the baby teeth

by the way, I went to a dentist yesterday, to pull a damaged tooth. 45 minutes bloody struggle to get 3 broken roots, HAH, it was awfully damaged. horrible!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I remember how it feels to have braces..... ouch! Sounds like you had her well covered and well fed! :) Yikes on the broken dishwasher.... yeah for hands other than the cooks to wash them!