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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ten on tuesday

#1 - i'm so very grateful for our 19 year old daughter who came to collect mr scrappy and i on saturday night after an afternoon of food and wine.  i do love a full circle moment

#2 - i am SO SICK of waiting on/calling tradespeople.
right now i'm waiting to get my camera lens back, my daughter's laptop back, and for my dishwasher to be fixed

#3 - i'm not in the slightest a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fan, but because i have had to listen to seasons ONE through i-don't-care, i know the whole frakkin' plot line

#4 - i'm very excited about seeing robin williams live this friday night

#5 - miss 12 got her braces fitted today.  she was busting to return to school to show them off, but she didn't last long before they started to hurt.  i've just got back from collecting her (and i was in the middle of a dr phil!!!)

#6 - i love zumba

#7 - i don't so much like spring winds

#8 - i'm very excited about the mini album class i'm doing next monday

#9 - also very excited about the barn dance we're going to next month

#10 - the same daughter who collected her 'very-happily-merrily' parents on saturday night, has just returned from my favourite cafe with 4 slices of freshly made espresso slice.  the owner texts me when she makes it fresh - now that's service!



Janine said...

yum at espresso slice. Whoo hooo for full circle and Miss 19 collecting you both. Some good things to look forward too.

Oh braces I remember that giddy feeling of new braces and the pain lol.....the novelty soon wore off too

cat said...

Oh I love the full circle moment!