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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

december daily

i'm a very excited DECEMBER DAILY virgin in 2010, and at the prompting of the lovely ali edwards, am now sharing my FOUNDATION PAGES, which i put together at the end of october.

as with all things scrapbooking, there is no perfect or right way to preserve your memories (i am in total agreement with ali on this!)
this year she's making a 6x8 album, but i past years, her album pages have been different sizes.

i am using a 6 x 6 album

when i decided to do a DD this year, i also followed her advice re supplies
i got TWO pizza boxes and gathered all the CHRISTMAS scrapbooking supplies I ALREADY HAD.

i actually started with EVERYTHING in ONE box

but then ended up putting all the paper in one box

and all the embellishments (and everything else) in another

i was amazed how much i actually had, and only had to buy paper for the covers and one transparency sheet (when i managed to find one!)

blank covers (i hadn't decided what to do at this stage)
foundation pages - just covered on one side with patterned paper

the back of each page is blank and i'll print  my journalling straight onto photo paper using a photoshop elements template i've made

the page on the right is where each daily photo will go

 i've done up to december 25, ie 25 pages in the album + covers

ali used transparencies for each 'page turner/transparency/date page'
i'm calling mine page turners, as i couldn't source enough transparency and i wanted each date page to be a little different

in these photos, you can see the front cover (top left)
i bought 2 pieces of this embossed/textured cardstock (don't know what brand) in red and green then added ribbon, then matte modge podge

i haven't quite finished the cover.  it still needs a title

i've never used modge podge before!
i gives a nice finish

2nd from top left is my journalling template
i'll simply type straight onto it in photoshop elements then print

so, some pages have transparencies, some have tags, the rest i've used scraps!

all that remains to be done is to add the photos on the actual page
(the patterned paper side you can see under the page turners/dates/transparencies

i don't really have a plan for printing the photos, ie whether to brave the photo store twice or 3 times in december, or what until after christmas

i DO plan to take LOTS of photos every day and pick one for each day for the album

i also plan to keep a diary to story the month

i don't know how i'll include memorabilia/tickets/receipts/keepsakes just yet, but i'm sure plenty of you out there will offer me a tonne of inspiration!


here are some useful links:


Nicki said...

It looks good!

Indrani said...

It is coming out so well, very creative.

Sandee said...

You're playing Wordless Wednesday?

If so have a happy WW. :)

Margot/NZ said...

Well done Sue, it's looking great!

mandyb said...

looking great.... having also seen it in real life....

love the bus story too!!!

karine said...

i really love your dd foundation : seems to turn great!

Beth said...

looks awesome so far!