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Sunday, January 9, 2011

inspiration everywhere and other stuff

here's a roundup of my crafty creativeness from the past few weeks

this printable calendar template is from shutter sisters
i was so impressed with the amount of free downloadable holiday tags, chocolate wrappers etc that were available online!  i think i found them ORIGINALLY from my scrapscene daily email

i made a 2011 calendar for tara featuring pictures of her and i and our girls from over the years

here's a few layouts that i've completed recently

and here's some of the 'assignments' i completed from jessica spraque's free 'inspiration everywhere' class
back in december

this is from the 'create' banner i made
these rosettes are made from a printable PDF
you then cut them into 11 x 1 inch strips then SCORE at 1/4 in (10 of them!)

you join 2 together then somehow wrangle them into a rosette
i'd recently just bought a MACRO lens, so maybe went a little crazy with it here...

my folds on this E were very exact!!!!

i'm not sure if i'm meant to include a link because even though the class was free, you had to register?

it DID take some time, but was so worth it

one of the other assignments was to make a cd of your favourite tunes

this was SO much fun, and i played it LOUD SEVERAL times while i did the housework!

then miss 12 and 14 and i made these albums last week at our LSS

another assignment from the jessica spraque class was to make a page using our own handprint
i found the mere act of painting my hand and placing it on a page incredibly moving

don't ask me why
maybe because as adults, we just don't do that kinda thing!

here i'm pretending to chase my daughter with a very wet and very blue hand

i hope you enjoyed my crafty show and tell!


mandyb said...

love the hand thing!! and those cute are so clever!!

Pam said...

Very fun stuff! Love the banner, I'm dying to make one! Oh and the blue hand, was the best!

Nicki said...

Loved your show and tell! Those albums look cool. that class looks interesting was it a 'open' time class?

Grand Pooba said...

Holy crap you are a professional!

Jaina said...

Wow, you've been quite the busy bee! I love all of your crafting. I hope that I will be able to get some of my own done soon.

cat said...

Lots and lots of wonderful things! Love those flags

Tiaras said...

Hey Sue - how did you make those albums in this post? Were they from envelopes??