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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wordful wednesday: gone glamping

this time tomorrow my lips will be around this

my butt will be on this and my hands will be turning one of these

my feet will be sandy

and so will lots of other bits of me

and this will be my nightly view across the campground

it'll be a tough couple of weeks, but someone's gotta do it

spot ya at the end of the month.....


mandyb said...

have the BEST time....see ya when you get back!!!

angie said...

It's a hard life you live there. :)While everyone in the northern hemisphere is freezing, you are doing what we are all dreaming of.....:)

Debbie said...

Good for you! I will be jealous.

Jaina said...

Thank you for making that sacrifice and taking one for the team. Have a drink for me ;)

cat said...

Enjoy the camping - hope you have great weather.

Madison said...

Enjoy your time in the sun. I was at the beach yesterday. In my parka and clutching a large hot chocolate. It is January in Canada so I'm just glad to get a day when it's not raining.

Don't mind me.I wandered in from SITS and I'm just having a look around. :)