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Thursday, January 27, 2011

wordful wednesday: and so i'm back

but from camping, as opposed to outer space.....

camping was good

.. except for the torrential rain and gail force winds which caused us to abandon our campsite and take refuge in a tourist cabin

but that only lasted 3 days and we glamped for 2 weeks, so y'a know, it was mostly all good!

things i forgot to take camping:

coffee cups
a spatula

of course i was devastated about the coffee cups...

so this photo was taken by miss 14 on her camera (that she got for christmas)

i don't have access to any of our camping photos because they are on APERTURE on mr scrappy's laptop and i still have iPHOTO on my desktop.

even if i DID have my camping photos in APERTURE on my desktop, i'd still be none the wiser.

as much as i love my husband downloading/buying every new piece of technology there is, sometimes i just can't keep up.

i feel like i just get one programme or new thing sorted, and along comes up an update, or something completely different!

so, i'm putting one foot in front of the other

(get it, like the photo???)

...taking 3 deep breaths (name that show)

and heading straight to apple to watch the aperture tutorial

and just because i love to torture my almost 48 year old brain, i've gone cold turkey on PSE and only using full photoshop now.

this is the part where i remind myself that my brain is a muscle that needs constant exercise!

happy WW!

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Tiaras said...

can I just say I really don't even know what you are talking about - that is how out of the loop I am on techie stuff!

Glad you had a good time on your camping trip!

Working Mum said...

I hear you! Much as love technology, I find the constant changing draining. It's taken me 12 months to figure out how to watch videos taken on my camera on my "new" laptop!

parentingBYdummies said...

As I sit here looking out of my window upon 12 inches of snow, you can't guess how wonderfully relaxing your camping photos look and sound. Can't wait to see more. thanks for joining Wordful Wednesday with Angie and me!