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Friday, May 20, 2011

photostory friday: scrapmates' high tea

so i missed a wordful wednesday AND a photostory friday - i guess i've been busy!

i've been meaning to share these photos with you since the actual event (which was back in the first week of january), but the photos have been doing the rounds, so better late than never eh?

this was our scrapmates high tea.

i've mentioned my scrapmates group before - it's an email scrapbooking group.  most of us are based here in wellington - some are a little further afield.  we answer daily questions, have online challenges, scrap together, eat together - and on this day - we donned our pearls, washed our best china, and took tea together!!!

i can't remember who made these, but they were cream-filled yumminess

i made these dainty little cucumber sandwiches
if you were clever, you could get three in your mouth at once.....

kelly's macaroons - delish and just the right amount of chewy-ness!

nat's scones.  i think they were nat's!

my cup and saucer
my mother won this as a spot prize at a dance in 1955

in 1955 - isn't it gorgeous!

our wonderful scrapmates 'leader' KRIS


our host for the day carmel - note the pearls!


and mandy - and more pearls!


and then me - wearing MY pearls!

group shot - with our little pinkies extended!

then it was time for the jumpy pics
some of the girls were new to this

here's me giving a little instruction

'you want to pull your knees up like so'.....

kelly thought it was hilarious

we didn't always get the perfect shot

so we tried...


and tried again

too much fun

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mandyb said...

ohhhhhhh such good times....roll on jumping fun part 2!!!!!!
cool post sue- it was the best day ever!!!!

Debbie @ OtRD said...

The jumping shot! Hilarious!! Love the pearls and the food looks amazing!

Carmel said...

Never tire of reading or seeing photos of that fun day. I think next time we need to try planking!
PS - I made the cream puffs (from scratch!)