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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

wordful wednesday: "i'll just take it apart to have a look at it", he said

miss 14 forgot to charge her camera battery, so asked if she could take my point-and-shoot to school

before she had her own camera, it wasn't unusual for the kids to borrow mine and nothing untoward ever happened.

i bought my lumix in hong kong 3 years ago and it's travelled the word and taken THOUSANDS of great photos


on this day an accident befell my camera at school 

if you look closely you can see that the front of the lens is bent slightly downwards, so it couldn't close (or open)

my poor baby was so upset at breaking my camera that she took it to the local tech shop after school to see if she could get it fixed

they wanted to charge her $55 to take a look at it and told her it would probably cost $200 for a new lens

(the whole camera brand new was around $400 3 years ago!)

when she got home she fell apart and confessed in a flood of tears :(

i really appreciated her honesty and she was clearly distraught, and (the truth!) i had just the WEEKEND BEFORE said to mr scrappy that i thought it was time to upgrade

my husband (THE ENGINEER),  said

"let me just take it apart [to see if i can fix it]"

his verdict?

"it's broken"


PS: thank heavens for the upcoming queen' birthday sales!

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Sherin de Souza said...

Yes, get yourself a new and better camera!;D

mandyb said...

hahahahaha sure is broken!!!
happy shopping!!

Janine said...

poor thing I could feel her grief reading this I did giggle at Mr Scrappy taking a look at it. That's the sort of thing Mike would do lol.....have fun shopping for a new camera.

Karen and Gerard said...

Guess it's time for a new camera!

Working Mum said...

Anything else you want to replace and could let him "have a look" at? ;)

alicia said...

lol about men! And those pics are hilarious. So sweet about your daughter's response. It is a clear indication of the parenting she has had. Bravo mom.

Meryl said...

Great post. Your family sounds a lot like mine LOL!!!

T~T said...

YEAH for a new camera though! CANON baby!

Stacy Uncorked said...

AHAHAHAHA! I love it! And my hubby, and Electrical Engineer, totally would have done (and said) the same thing. Priceless! :) You totally deserve a new camera. ;)

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