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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hi my name is sue and it's been 19days since my last blog post

what can i say, apart from the fact that sometimes life gets in the way of blogging!

so here's an update from my place to yours:

it's winter

it's cold and wet

kids have been sick

parents are visiting

it's cold and wet

kids have been sick

i've been away for work

i thought i was finishing up at work but they asked me to stay on

it's cold and wet

kids have been sick

miss 13 and 14 (who are on the same netball team) are having a great season.  in fact they're their school's most successful team right now!

when i umpire the girls' netball games, i get wet (on account of the winteriness-ness of the season)

i think i might be addicted to ZUMBA

if you have to be addicted to something, why not let it be good for you, right?

i'm back into crocheting, after an absence of over 35 years and absolutely loving it

..and the shortest day has already passed, so it's onwards and upwards towards spring - although it certainly doesn't look like it right now!!!


flying to australia for tara's 40th next month

wellington on a plate events
wellington on plate (check it out - be jealous!)
(cupcakes, cocktails, murder mysteries, 12 course meals, high tea, high fashion)
and a couple of photos to finish

some quiet weekends in front of the fire with the kids and a DVD

day-time zumba (when i finally finish work!)

and a couple of photos to finish...

that's me in the neon lime and miss 14 (in the purple and pink) at DRUMS ALIVE, a WAY COOL event that our zumba instructor organised.

swiss balls, drum sticks, music, movement and a whole lotta fun
i can't wait for the regular drums alive classes to start!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs! I'm sorry it's cold and wet for you!!! I keep forgetting that you have "opposite" seasons from us. So I'm guessing you don't want to hear about my heat and humidity....huh?? LOL!

Enjoy your wonderful life and kiddos - even if they're sick right now!

mandyb said...

it is BLEEPIN cold isnt it!!! brrrr
so you are staying on at said you couldnt wait to NOT work!!! lol!!!
hey thanks coming to high tea...wasnt it yummo!!!!!!!
maybe we can catch up again in the hols!!!

auntiegwen said...

I am zumbaing my little fat bootay off over here too me dear :)

Janine said...

and today was no exception cold and wet. Hey we are going to a choc and coffee evening in Aug and looking forward to it. There was so much to choose from it was exciting....hey that's great about work and a trip to Sydney is something to look forward too. Hey that zumba/drum thing looked like fun.

cat said...

Oh so want to get into Zumba too. It is freezing over here too.