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Friday, June 10, 2011

photostory friday and the week through my iphone

i now find myself totally SPOILT for choice when it comes to taking photos.

a canon 60D and a brand spanking new lumix TZ20

after having my iphone for a few months, i've really started to enjoy taking pics on it

i'm particularly partial to INSTAGRAM.

if you don't know what that is, it's an iphone app, where you take the pic, apply a cool filter, add a caption, geotag yourself and post to facebook (and twitter if you have it - which i don't!)

it's pretty cool.

so here a few photos from my week - via my iphone

last saturday morning - all ready to get my 'craft on' at handmade 2011
i hand-stithced the victoria work box over 13 years ago, AND lined the basket!

the mayor of wellington opened the event
she was speaking as i arrived

an upcycled card from my first class
the words 'live, laugh and love' were punched out of an old dictionary and i doodled around the circles

gift bag made from an old children's book

in the afternoon i made a fabric basket - in less than TWO HOURS
from start to finish!!!

these machines are BRAND NEW
they're like the 21st century version of the one i have at home
push buttons instead of levers - WAHOO!!!


fully lined y'all...

the old fashioned photo booth
these things are so popular now - even DIY ones!

the gorgeous lounge at hippopotamus hotel where my crochet class was on sunday morning

it had been over 35 years since my grandmother had taught me to crochet and since i'd picked up a crochet hook, so it was quite an emotional reunion

but also like riding a bike - i've almost finished the scarf during the week and am planning on buying wool today and making beanies!  

anyone else photograph lovely bathrooms they see in nice hotels?

nope - just me?

brand new store opened up in one of our malls
my daughter wanted me to take this to send to her friend who loves this store!

then on wednesday


the lovely kim aka the ungourmet sent me this box of lovely treats

(esp the huckleberry jelly beans - nom nom.....)

then last night at zumba, someone (miss 14!) stopped doing zumba long enough to grab my phone and snap me on stage!

that's me in the neon lime green and pink

with my arms in the air like that - i figure i'm either one step AHEAD of everyone, or one behind!!!

how was YOUR week?


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Janine said...

what a fab week in photos, and spoilt for choice too. LOL I also like to take photos of rooms I like when I am out and about....still loving that crochet and colour. Whoo hooo at your basket made in 2 hours and the goodies you got niceeeeee.

Cecily R said...

Your life is NEVER dull, is it Sue? I swear you are on the go more than anyone I know!!

Great weekly review...and you ARE spoiled (but you deserve it)!!

mandyb said...

you did well at that crafty weekend , love everything you made!!!
love the zumba pic too!!! wowsa those pants are bright!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful busy week. Great photos on the iPhone!

Latree said...

aaah.... you make me jealous! :D

cat said...

Such a fun post and I would love a 60 D. And I hear Forever New is moving into the South African market. And that scarf is beautiful!

Queenie Jeannie said...

What a fun week!!! You're so busy doing fabulous stuff!