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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

wordful wednesday and my zumba peeps

i wonder if these guys know how much they mean to me

on one of our last nights together, i said to tara (before she moved away)

"i worry about how much fun i'm going to have without you"

sound selfish?

maybe, but when your 'go-to' girl moves away, it's a legitimate concern

well, it was for me

18 months later - while there will never be a replacement for my 'go-to girl tara' - my new zumba 'family' of friends are some of the most vibrant, fun, interesting women i know.

as well as zumba, we go to the movies, have morning gatherings (like the one in this pic) - and we're planning a girls' night of cocktails and dancing.

tara really is my only friend who could stay out til the wee small hours ripping up the dance floor, and
while it's not going to be the same without her, i'll be more than happy to have a 'boogie' for her with these gals next month.

...and in case you're wondering - we're posing a move from one of our latest zumba tracks!!!

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