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Thursday, November 10, 2011

wordful wednesday and my love of the silliness

this weekend just gone, i hopped on a plane and flew to australia to surprise my bestie tara

she moved away almost 2 years ago, and i've been lucky enough to visit her 6 times 

her surprise is priceless and brings me much joy.

i always go for a long weekend (fri-mon) and we always manage to hit the mall, the beach, the local watering hole, and make some magic in the kitchen

this time was no different

my current cupcake fad: red velvet cupcakes

those red candy-coated chocolate balls are called jaffas

jaffas are legend in australia and new zealand, because when movie theatres weren't carpeted and sloped down, people would roll JAFFAS down the aisle

it's also believed that the orange/chocolate flavour is now described as JAFFA because of this particular lolly (candy)

anyway - they also make very good FAUX NIPPLES

the weather was spectacular, so we went boating one morning

and then to the beach in the afternoon

whoever put out this sign clearly had a sense of humour

gotta love it

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1 comment:

mandyb said...

love the purple post and the post it note post!!!!
but most of all i love that you suprise Tara so often!!!!
it never gets old!!!!
see ya sat for that coffee