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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

wordful wednesday: christmas is for ALL children

there are so many photos i could have used today, but i couldn't go past this one:

miss 22 dragging out ALL the christmas presents from under the tree, checking each and every label until she found the ones with her name on them.

i just love it.

at one point, she looked up at her boyfriend, who was sitting on the sofa next to me and said:

"what are you doing?
get down here and help!"


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Karen and Gerard said...

Love the childlike enthusiasm! I hope I never lose that either!

Merry Christmas!

shopannies said...

what an awesome christmas picture yes Christmas is for children of all ages come see what I shared at

scrappysue said...

Hi scrappysue, scrappysue here! How fun that you dropped by my blog, lovely to meet you! Your entry today cracked me up, I have several photos of my son searching behind the tree for his pressies, I don't suppose he will ever stop either!