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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wordful wednesday and why time waits for no man (or woman!)

when i look at this photo, i'm reminded that time marches on

it marches on oblivious to how resistant or hesitant you might be to change, or the advancing years as your children grow up right before your very eyes

some days you look back and go - 'was that my children's childhood?'

did they enjoy it?

what will they remember?

with my 2nd eldest set to leave home - leaving 2 [from 4] at home

and all bedrooms either getting makeovers or new residents

i'm struggling to maintain my equilibrium, and at the same time knowing that the sun will set and rise, and like the weather - what will happen, will happen with or without you - and it's only your perspective or response that you can change.

i can still remember the day this child leapt from the car telling me that i could 'stay there mum - i'll be fine' and wondering how i'd feel 8 years later when she started college (high school).

well, THAT time has come and gone, and my baby started her SECOND year of college today.

it was a very quiet 8 days without her while she was at summer rowing camp - i can't even imagine the day when she leaves home for good!

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mandyb said...

wow time sure does fly!!!
i remember meeting you and your 2 youngest were at primary school and you were involved in the galas etc!!!!

am sure they will all come back at some point...i did!!! then left again!!! lol!!!

cat said...

Gosh and so they grow up way too fast.

Michelle said...

Having kids is the best way to watch time fly by.