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Friday, January 27, 2012

photostory friday and the busy birthday

mr scrappy's birthday was on wednesday

no - that's no him doing zumba in a local park

but that's me in the pink bottoms, lime top and dora the explorer hat

why a dora explorer hat you ask?

well, i DID bring my own age appropriate cap, but my 15 year old did not

and it was frikkin hot and sunny

so i did what all good parents do

and wore the too small pink hat that belongs to a 4 year old

(her mum had 2 for her don't panic) 

the zumba demo was part of the local council 'push play' promotion designed to get people active

works for me!
our fabulous instructors

they sure can move!

then later in the day it was onto mr scrappy's birthday dinner

check out my seafood risotto - YUM!!!

from dinner it was onto the botanical gardens for the summer twilight movie

you can't get much for free these days = but this movie was

a good ole' kiwi movie
in fact - they don't make 'em much more kiwi than this!

although it was an absolutely gorgeous night, we still brought blankets
(and low chairs) - we know how to get comfy!

like i said - comfy...

happy friday!

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cat said...

Zumba in the park! Great idea. I love my zumba and that food looks stunning. I love the idea of an open air movie - one of our shopping centres has drive- in on the roof and we regularly go

mandyb said...

ohhhhh i forgot all about those movies!!!
what else is on???
we could do a girlies night!!!!

Run DMT said...

I wanna come! I wouldn't be embarrassed by your Dora hat. Promise.

I want to do Zumba in the park and eat yummy risotto and watch movies in a botanical garden. That sounds like such a fun day! Loved all your photos too!