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Friday, March 30, 2012

photostory friday: st patricks day in NYC

 with over 600 photos from my recent trip to LA and NY to sort through,  i thought i'd use these mini collages that i've prepared to use at an upcoming scrapbooking retreat that i'm attending in a couple of weeks time.


like every day in NY isn't crazy enough!

i decided to totally get into the spirit of things and got dressed for the occasion
(and yes i do have irish ancestry in case you were wondering)

i wasn't that keen on seeing the parade
it monstered 5th avenue for 42 blocks and i didn't feel like doing battle with an extra 2 million people condensed into one place!

anyway - visiting HELLS GATE BRIDGE was on my itinerary for that day...

little known fact about me: i love bridges (and unusual buildings)

hell gate is narrow tidal strait in the east river
hells gate bridge (or the east river arch bridge) was conceived in the early 1900s as a way to link NY and the Pennsylvania RR with New England and the New Haven RR

it connects Astoria in Queens with Randall's/Wards Island and the Bronx

it was the world's longest steel arch bridge until the Bayonne Bridge (which connects Bayonne NJ with Staten Island) was opened in 1931

this bridge was also the inspiration for the design of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

(random stoop.  i also love stoops)

i'd been thinking about getting acrylic nails for a couple of months, so on the way back to the subway, i finally got a set

being st patrick's day - green was my natural colour choice! 

then it was to TASTY's in queens for lunch
(and i got to watch the parade on TV!)

before heading to TIMES SQUARE 
for a free hug

just because

actually, i was on the hunt for half price tickets to a show that night... 

can you guess which show i saw???
cute st paddie's day cupcakes in a bakery at PENN STATION

and now i'm back in litte ole' new zealand enjoying a sunny friday

the fact that i get friday at all is a bonus as it disappeared over the international date line last week!!!

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mandyb said...

how cool!!!
love those nails and those yummy cupcakes!!

cat said...

Oh I adore bridges (and of course buildings ) too. Glad to see you had a great trip

Heather said...

Looks like you had so much fun!

Melinda said...

So did you like the show? Charlie and I saw Jersey Boys in London- (3 plus yrs ago) - we loved it. I found it hysterical to hear the British trying to do their best Jersey accents. Looks like a great day.