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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

wordful wednesday: sisters

miss 14, miss 15 and i went to high tea with my zumba buddies
(or, 'ZEEPS' as we call ourselves!)
in the weekend

i'd been looking forward to it ever since the date was set (having missed the last one)

just before we left the house, i took advantage of our freshly painted walls (and a good flash) and took a bunch of photos.

this was my pick of the bunch

if you thought my daughter on the left was the eldest, you'd be wrong
she is in fact 16 months younger (and my baby)

miss 15 (on the right) was absolutely MORTIFIED when her YOUNGER sister was asked, later in the afternoon if she had her drivers' licence yet.

I'M older than her she exclaimed indignantly!

ah, family - gotta love them
the tall and the short
the old and the young

and love them i do.

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Elaine A. said...

They are so pretty, no matter which one is older... ;)

mandyb said...

hahahaha people used to think I was the older sister too!!!
my big sis hated it!!!

cute pic and glad you had fun!!!

angie said...

Everyone thinks I'm older than my sister. She's 15 months older, but it's wonderful to be so close in age and have such a bond!