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Friday, April 6, 2012

photostory friday and the all but birthday

i'm a firm believer that birthdays should be special

at any age

...and thankfully i have people around me who make that wish come true

every year

starting with breakfast in bed

and amazing gifts

a high energy ZUMBA class
(what better way to start the week!?)

followed by a birthday morning tea

(well, we worked for it!)

some of my zumba gals

there were flowers

and singing

and cake

and a few words of thanks
because i have so much to be thankful for

like the weather for starters!!!


and family

in all their crazy glory... 

yes i only have FOUR daughters, but the one on the left may as well be my 5th
she's my 2nd eldest's bestie and no family event is complete without her!

wrapping paper POOR STUDENT style

lots of personal jokes and zumba references!!!

and some wonderful words from my 22 year old
if you ever worry your kids won't survive in the 'real world' because they refuse to do any chores at home and you wonder how anyone would want to flat/live with them?


it all works out just fine, and they do things like write simply wonderful and heartfelt sentiments about you and to you on your birthday

PS: oh yeah - i turned 49 and CAN'T WAIT til next year!!!

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K-Dog said...

I didn't realise I was your second youngest daughter ...

mandyb said...

cool birthday post!!!
sorry i visited the one moment you were in the shower....but looking forward to our roadtrip in less then a weeks time!!!!!

Working Mum said...

happy birthday! Looked like a great day.

Heather said...

Love the pics. Sounds like you had fun on your birthday, hope it was a great day! :)