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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

wordful wednesday and my american holiday by the numbers

number of DR PHIL tapings i got to see: 2

number of DR PHIL coffee mugs his lovely wife gave me: 1

number of LA bloggers i planned to meet: 3

number of LA bloggers i actually got to meet: 0 :(
next time gals!

number of crazy homeless people i encountered on the bus who wanted to murder me (if i was irish): 1

number of broadway shows seen: 4

number of movies stars seen: 1 (Will Ferrell at his movie premier in LA)

number of BAT MOBILES i saw at warner brothers studios: 3

number of people i saw dressed in green in new york on st patrick's day: 56,786,58,468,643,223,448,904

number of times i rode the NY subway: 45,677,543 (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but i TOTALLY got my money's worth out of my metrocard!)

# pairs of new shoes purchased: 4
(and i got to bring 3 out of those 4 back in their boxes - now THAT'S inspired packing!!!)

number of new york bloggers met: 3

number of states visited: 4 (California, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania)

number of times i photographed the FLATIRON building in one afternoon: 10

number of bagels consumed on holiday: too many to count! (YUM!)

number of times i had my nails done (in one week): 2

number of cupcake stores i visited (and bought and ate product from!): 4

the 'BETTY WHITE' from TAZZA in Brooklyn Heights

oh my......:)

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Debbie @ OtRD said...

Great numbers!! Sounds like an amazing trip to the states!!

Anonymous said...

What a clever way to post about your trip, Sue. There's a LO (or mini album?) in this for sure!


mandyb said...

great it!!!

love that last cupcake!!! mmmmm

cat said...

Oh I love this post! And I would have taken about 1000 photos of the Flat Iron building

angie said...

Loved the stats. Just wished I could have been one of the stats....number of bloggers met...