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Thursday, September 13, 2012


i really never had any intention of abandoning my blog, but somehow it happened.

anyway, here's what you missed.

my beautiful eldest daughter graduated university (college)
with a Bachelor of Design majoring in Advertising (with Honours)

she also moved in with her boyfriend

and bought her first car

and they're only a couple of suburbs away.  yay!

after the last lot of paint dried, we did this

while we didn't have a kitchen we camped out in the lounge

...watched the olympics

and all the while i was working FULL-TIME

AND flying to Christchurch in the weekends to see my dad who had open heart surgery
(he's recovering well, thank you) :)

and then we christened the kitchen

miss 16's bestie flew over from australia for 2 weeks

then miss 14, myself and miss bestie flew back for tara's birthday

somebody turned 23

then somebody else turned 16

of course there was zumba
zumba sentao - LOVE! 

6 times a week when i'm not working and significantly less when i AM!

there were (and always are!) lots of zumba related fun times

like this PYJAMA party back in june  

then there was the week we made 44 dozen cupcakes and raised $1280 for the SPCA

there was the night i got to be my friend's PLUS ONE at the Wellington on a Plate Bake Off

She placed in the TOP 5!!!

there was a steam train trip 

 a cake decorating class

my SIL's 60th birthday party

she does NOT look 60, does she?!
(that's her 3rd from the left)

another party (bastille)

another hair cut and colour

a high school ball


 ...and of course no winter is complete without a sports injury...

and that pretty much brings us up-to-date!

lurching forward: we're planning a 21st for THIS little cherub

and then it'll be time to start CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!

TUNE IN TOMORROW for an extended before and after of the NEW KITCHEN!!!


mandyb said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!
that is one FULL on post!!!
no wonder you are tired!!!!

cannot wait to see your new kitchen in person...maybe over the holidays you could fit in a coffee!!!!!!????

(and boy your girls are growing up fast!!!)

*LLUVIA* said...

You had tons of stuff going on, most of it looks really fun!

I think a lot of people took breaks from their blogs. I, myself, took a year long one. I came back, and found most people I follow have been gone for a while.

Either way, welcome back! You live in my favorite country in the whole wide world. If I weren't Mexican, I'd have loved to be a Kiwi! ;-)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Ohmygosh!!! So much good stuff going on over there, no wonder you didn't blog! Hugs and cheers to all!!!!

gigi said...

Man, that was a great up-date! You have been a very busy lady! Looking good!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow! You had a great, big, event-filled summer! Loved all the photos,


(ugh to the thought of Christmas shopping!)

Elizabeth said...

Welcome back!