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Friday, September 14, 2012

photostory friday and the anatomy of a new kitchen

grab a coffee and prepare to take the easiest kitchen renovation tour ever!

(easy, because you just get to look at the pictures!)

truth be told though, we were so organised, not having a kitchen was actually very painless
working full-time, travelling to see my dad and having a separate plumbing issue - now that WASN'T painless!!!

i'd already frozen meals, and we were also well fed by our neighbours and friends
we had everything relatively neatly packed away
and we loved our little makeshift 'camp kitchen' in the lounge

the olympics, my job contract and the kitchen all pretty much finished at the same time!

so here goes

if you live in wellington, RENTACRATE (dot co dot nz) is the way to go
we packed up our (should i say I packed up) kitchen, family room and office into 40 (YES FORTY!) of these bad boys.  packing up was the easy part. unpacking, now THAT was a whole different ball game!

the crates come with a wheeled dolly for ease of moving around
a labelling system
and they stack up on top of each other


choosing flooring tile colour

quick and painless - like a bandaid!

(don't ask me which one we have because i can't remember!)

the night before the old kitchen came out

a lone crockpot cooking a corned beef

it took the guys less than THREE (3) HOURS to dismantle our old kitchen

which we got $1315 for on trade me!!! (ebay)




i tried to take a photo in the same place every day
i didn't always succeed, because the room was a bit of an obstacle course

our painters (who had already painted the outside and most of the inside of the house since february)
set to work the very next day

not much seems to happen the first few days
all behind the scenes, but very important 'stuff'

if you want to read a very funny post on magnetic magic, click here

i WILL tell you though, that you need SEVERAL coats and not all magnets work
the best ones are the ones that are pictured here

we also painted the wall in WRITE-ON paint but we're too scared to draw on the wall
(lame, i know)

when we do, we scrub it off right away.

this photo does NOT represent the wall colour at all well!

THIS one, on the other hand, does perfectly

giant truck arriving with our new kitchen
i still have no idea how the truck got up and down our drive without breaking anything

like fences

cabinetry everywhere!

taking shape!

DAY 9 was a spot the difference


Day 10 - the day the flooring went in
you probably heard my squeals of delight from where you live...

after 2 weeks, it was pretty much done
if you look closely, you can see the gap where the new microwave will go

i'm wearing a sparkling new TIARA to go with my sparkling new kitchen

filling the new kitchen with friends and fun

oh yes - i thought my new window treatments would NEVER come!


this 4 bin rubbish drawer

(we went a little mad with the lableller)

the oil drawers


the magnetic wall

the photo board

which we will change every 4 months

in december it will feature ALL CHRISTMAS photos from over the years

so there you have it


(and the beginning)

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nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Fabulous renovation! I must say that magnetic wall is my favorite too. What a fun punch of color on the wall!!

Carmel Keane said...

Love it Sue - it looks so fresh and bright! Loved seeing all the little drawers - where is the photo board? Great idea!

Queenie Jeannie said...

So gorgeous!!! Love everything about it, including the bright splash of teal! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

mandyb said...

how cool!!!!!!!!!!!
so so love that colour on the walls...cannot wait for our scrapmates kitchen opening drinks!!! **hint**

or just coffee in the holidays!!!!

Margot said...

There is a serious lack of Fantail Grove olive oil in that oil drawer!