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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DAY 14 GIVING THANKS: Show and Tell


today i gave of my TIME


this is Camilla Parker Bowles
she's married to the man who will be our next King.  one day.

their visit to Wellington included a Waterfront Walk, for which i volunteered to help MARSHALL
(i held a rope).  it was heavy.  good for the biceps i told myself

volunteer brief
grab a vest
hold the rope
have fun

the volunteers started off at one end of the waterfront (where i was lucky enough to talk to and shake the hand of Camilla), and once they'd passed, we doubled back and ran further along the parade route to help the other volunteers.

that's where i got to shake Prince Charles' hand 
then we double backed again to where it was getting really busy to help the other volunteers and hold that damned rope!

Prince Charles walked past me - looked me in the eye, and said "are you just moving along the line?"
i said "yes i am!"
good spotting Charles.

SO!  Prince Charles is 64 years old today
New Zealanders who share his birthday went into a lottery to win a place at a birthday party in wellington with Prince Charles

this lady didn't make the party, but she DID get a card

AAAAAAND she got to SHOW him the card and chat with him

"Oh!  is that what they sent?" he asked her.  she was chuffed!

when the parade was over, i saw this lady again and she lamented that while she got to speak to him, she didn't get any photos.

I DID i said!  being in possession of a 'smart phone', i was able to email her the photos right there on the spot.

good deed 
#2 for the day

volunteer sue signing off

in other news. we had a partial (76%) solar eclipse today
great day for it
the local astrological society set this up in town so we could see it without being blinded

very nice of them don't you think?
it was almost done in this shot
pretty cool tho

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mandyb said...

how cool!!! (for you!!!)
and how cool you sent the photos to the lady!!!
ratsssssss what a shame i was at work and MISSED it all!!!