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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Days 15-20 GIVING THANKS: Show and Tell

DAY 15:

I tried REEEALLY hard to give thanks every day of my holiday, however i did miss a couple of days.

i mean, it's easy to 'throw money' at a situation, but i'd like to think i'm a little more inventive than that.

anyway, on the 2 days i didn't ACTUALLY give thanks and commit a RAK, i would like you to know that i was EXCEPTIONALLY kind to each and every person i came across, particularly those in the service industry, and as i was on holiday eating and drinking and shopping up a storm, i came across a LOT of people in the service industry!

DAY 15: This was the day i flew out to Australia.  my zumba friend Sherin drove me to the airport, and i got us coffee and a snack and was served by my zumba friend Katrina!  i paid for our coffee and food and for an extra coffee, then turned to the man behind me in the line (this one...)

and said "can i buy your coffee as my random act of kindness for today?"

and without flinching (coz most people are cynics and think everyone else on the planet is crazy)

he said YES!

he even let me press my beautifully typed note into his hand and take his photo.

SIDE NOTE:  i actually think i know this guy, but can't remember where from!!!

DAY 16: 

This was easy.
an email arrived [on my phone] from World Vision, so i took the opportunity to provide a chicken, chicken feed and iron folate for a pregnant woman (i added that last bit after i took the screen shot)

without sounding flippant, this really is great value for money
the FIRST WORLD could take a leaf outta their book...

DAY 17:

Another easy one.  i hadn't been in Melbourne for over 15 years, so i was keen to hit the ground running (so to speak) and start re-exploring the city.

as i was wandering through Bourke Street Mall, what should i happen across, but a TARGET.

TARGET!!!  who doesn't love target - ESPECIALLY when there AREN'T any in New Zealand!

this was right inside the door

i usually do this at home, but the tags have 'girl aged 5' or something like that on it

again.  too easy, and WTG Target.

DAY 20:

again, this guy probably thought i was crazy, but i don't care

it was my last few hours in Sydney, so i hopped on the monorail to do a loop
it was a gorgeous day and a great way to at least lay eyes on some sights even if i didn't have time to get off and explore.

i paid an extra $5 for another loop/round trip and asked the nice man to buy a ticket for the next person who came along [wanting to do a loop].


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

You are so awesome.
I am finding it hard to be kind some days. It takes real effort doesn't it?? Especially when I'm lazy on the couch & don't leave all day.
You are so brave to take the pics of the fellas holding the kindness props.

mandyb said...

wahooooooooooo still loving these....what i want to know though is how do you get people to LET you take their pictures!!! lol