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Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5: GIVING THANKS Show and Tell

playing a little catch up today as i hate the fact that i missed a couple of days

OCD much?!

i printed these off and stapled them to some motivational quotes that i slipped into the shelves at my local supermarket (grocery store) when i was doing my weekly shop this morning

who doesn't love mini wheats?

and everyone drinks coffee, right?
(well, lots of people do!)

can ya see it?

yikes - christmas pies on sale already?

here's hoping the quote they find inspires them to continue onward with their christmas shopping!

i wonder who will find it?

our supermarket is running a free glassware promotion, but as i already have 2 sets of free glasses in my kitchen, i asked my friendly check out operator PATRICE to pass on my stickers to the next customer who was collecting them.

and this is the lovely MARIA, who left her ZUMBA concession card at home this morning, so i paid for her class.

i TOLD you i'd get more creative!!!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

The look on your face is hilarious!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

mandyb said...

wahoooooooooooooooo how cool!!
now i wanna go there and find one!!

love that you took a pic of YOU and the check out chick too!!!


cat said...

Lovely ideas Sue