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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 6: GIVING THANKS Show and Tell

This is a beanie i crocheted

...and here it is gift wrapped

...and here is mandy - my scrapbooking friend for whom i made the beanie

i brought lunch to her work (she only gets 30 minutes) so i could give her the beanie and we could hang out for a bit

i think she likes it!

today was ridiculously cold (especially given that it's supposed to be spring!), so that beanie went straight on her head and that's where it stayed!  she was working outside today, so it was a welcome and warm addition. 


Carmel said...

Perfect for today! Couldn't have been better - could you whip me up a vest before hometime please? I am chilly!

carmel said...

Also we need an evening to learn how to make these!

mandyb said...

Much appreciated on this cold chilly day!!! mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kelly said...

that is SOOO awesome Sue!!!

cat said...

Oh I love love love the beanie! Well done

Queenie Jeannie said...

What an awesome friend you are!!! Well done!