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Sunday, November 25, 2012


  • this is part of a facebook conversation i had with a friend just now:

    "I am always moved and inspired by all your random acts of kindness. I would like to do the same but think there is no way cause I can barely afford to pay my rent and get fruit and vege, let alone do what you do.
    I was gutted and felt like a bloody loser.
    I DID IT!!! I made a change to someones day!!
    My friend just had a baby.
    her man had been at the hospital for hours
    i took them lunch and brought my camera
    ...then I went home and processed the photos, got a multi frame; got some photos printed, and put together a lovely frame of photos of their wee girl that was only a few hours old.
  • and then....

    I went to their place and did their house work: dishes, laundry... spent a couple hours doing it!

  • THEN...

    I sold one of my photo blocks and with the $20 I got milk, bread, orange juice, chocolate and put it on the bench for them.

    I cried when I left!! To know I had made a wee difference in three people's lives!!! 
    WITHOUT wanting anything in return!"

    i then asked my friend if i could put this conversation on my blog.

    she said: "I would love you to put it on your blog. I would be honoured to think I could 
    inspire someone else!"

    the timing of this conversation is interesting, because just a few days ago i had a conversation with my 21 year old.

    she asked me if any of my RAKs DIDN'T involve money
    'uh oh' i thought - there's a little judgement coming, but MY BAD - she simply wanted ideas so she could do something herself.

    i have to admit, that many of my acts of kindness DO involve money, albeit small sums - a $4 coffee here, a $5 phone card there.

    i guess the obvious point to make is that there are MANY MANY ways to make a difference and give thanks that DON'T involve money - they just take a little more thought

    in 'defence' of spending money on many of my RAKs however, i would respond by saying:

    "those that can do"

1 comment:

mandyb said...

i love what your friend wrote...

i cant afford big RAKS but i do things with my time...or make a little more dinner and share with a friend....

and raks can be as simple as using wool to make a you did with me

and i still love it and wear it often!!!!

and post the free compliments!! lol