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Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 26: GIVING THANKS Show and Tell

one of the benefits of having so many friends who are involved in the community, either voluntarily or through their job, is that it's provided me with ample opportunity to help out.

there was the double buggy for the family in need with 2 babies close together
and the toys that will go into christmas hampers for needy families in the area

today i put together a hamper of grocery items for a woman who has 4 children (including a 4 month old baby): 3 of whom are AUTISTIC.

yes, you read that right. 3 of her 4 children are autistic.

it's the least i could do.

in a perfect world this woman would have a full-time in-home health care professional, but in the absence of that, a hamper of useful items will hopefully go some way to make her day a little easier.

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