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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 29 & 30 GIVING THANKS: Show and Tell (and wrap-up)


Yesterday i was asked by my zumba instructor if i could come to class extra early to help her set up her newly purchased sound system and get the room ready for class.

of course i was more than happy to oblige!
 i didn't take any photos, as i was too busy schlepping tables and chairs to one corner of the room - a warm up of sorts if you will.  we were sweating before class even started!


this RAK is something i do every tuesday, but i'm going to include it here;
and you know what they say - it's nice to be nice (name that tv show):

Bring in your neighbours' rubbish bins


i popped down to the supermarket to grab some things for dinner and stuck my head around the noticeboard to see if my 'free compliments' from the other day were still there...

a picture's worth a thousand words...

since this photo was taken, i've discovered KIND OVER MATTER, where you can download free compliments (both completed and BLANK), positive thoughts and many others.

i'm keen to head out again and spread some more love!


for the last day of my month of giving thanks, my zumba instructor asked a few of us to decorate a tree (zumba-themed) that would sit in the local Salvatian Army Hall

so we did 

this tree is one of many in a CHRISTMAS TREE WONDERLAND
up to 50 trees decorated by local businesses and beautifully lit at night so families in the community can walk through (free of charge) and enjoy.

 THIS tree i love for TWO reasons:
it's beautifully decorated, AND it's the company from whom i rented over 40 CRATES when i packed up my kitchen for renovation!


so, some closing thoughts on my month:

giving thanks is EASY
the simplest acts of kindness are the ones that are so often over-looked: eye contact, a smile, a gesture, a door held, pleases and thank yous and hellos and good-byes
a moment to REALLY thank the person who served you that day; whether they put petrol in your car or sold you a new handbag

it's easy also, to 'throw money' as a random act of kindness, and while i realise not everyone can do this, the small dollar amounts i spread around ($5 phone cards, $3 lottery scratchies, a $5 lotto ticket, a $10 public transport card) gave me so much pleasure, ESPECIALLY when a friend of mine was present when a stranger found one of these RAKs.  

the person who found it was so happy, she really thought she'd won the lottery.  she felt lucky.

point made


mandyb said...

wahoooooooo cool wrap up post!!!
and yes we did appreciate your month of goodness xxxx

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Thanks so much Sue for all the inspiration this month. I TOTALLY love that the "Free Compliments" were taken!
You rock girlfriend!!

Delima said...

Thanks for sharing this...