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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

day in the life: april 2013

i was so happy with my february day in the life, then march crept up and passed me by!
it was easter and i was out of town - that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it!

i guess it doesn't matter if you do it every month or every OTHER month, however i was ready (calendar reminder!) for april and once again enjoyed the process.

the 30th came in the middle of our school holidays, although with the ages my girls are, the school holidays aren't too much different from a regular day - with the exception that the girls aren't in school!

having said that, miss 16 was in france for 3 weeks, and miss 15 had a very social holiday break, so i didn't see much of them anyway!

zumba featured in my day - as you would expect! - and i loved having some of miss 15's friends over 

listening to them 'study' was hilarious

took this idea from ali (the b&w header shot) and enjoyed not having so much detail in the journalling this time.

i possibly included too much in feb!

roll on may - i'm ready!!!

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